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Using Zapier with YesInsights
Using Zapier with YesInsights

YesInsights + Zapier Integration

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Zapier opens up endless possibilities for integrating YesInsights with all your favorite third-party software applications! Zapier lets you create connections between over 750 different apps, composed of an action event and a trigger event. 

You can trigger events with the following YesInsights actions:

  • New response

  • New comment

  • New selected response

Here are some of the cool things you can now do with YesInsights + Zapier:

  • Automatically push a lead into your CRM based on their survey response

  • Immediately notify the customer success team when a low NPS score is reported

  • Update Salesforce opportunities from new YesInsights responses

  • Trigger a MailChimp campaign from a YesInsight response

Click on a Zap below to set it up and unlock the potential of YesInsights + Zapier:

If none of the Zaps above appealed to you, try making your own below or check out our blog post to get more ideas :) 

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