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How To Create Smiley Face Surveys
How To Create Smiley Face Surveys

Learn how to make survey responses images instead of text

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First, you will need to create a regular email survey. You will need to add as many survey responses as you have images. 

So for example, if you have a green smiley face, a yellow smiley face, and a red smiley face, you will need three different survey responses. And you'll want to make each response is relevant to your image. So you could put "Green smiley", "Yellow smiley", and "Red smiley" as responses. Alternatively, you could substitute these responses with "Great", "Ok", and "Bad". 

Your survey should look like this:

Then scroll down and click Create Survey and click which email provider you'll be using to send your survey. 

This will load up the survey snippet with your responses. Instead of copying the snippet, you'll want to right-click on each individual response and open it in a new tab then record the links in a document or spreadsheet:

Once you have your links saved, you can add them to your smiley face images. 

Note: When you open each link in a new tab, it will show as a survey response, so make sure you delete these responses.

First, you'll want to add your smiley face images to your email. Click here to get your smiley faces from us and be sure you're not violating any use rights. 

Once the images are added you can link them to the appropriate link: 

Then, you can style the smileys however you wish. 

Note: Make sure you aren't adding any extra space at the beginning or the end when copying your URL.

Personally, I like to double check that my survey is functioning properly. So you can just send it to yourself and click on a smiley face, then double check the correct response was logged in your YesInsights account:

And you can follow this same process if you want to add the smiley face surveys to your email signature. 

Still having trouble? Send us a message and we'll help you set it up :)

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