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Regular Surveys by Email - Tutorial
Regular Surveys by Email - Tutorial
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The first step is to create your survey. Don’t worry, this part is easy! First, log into your YesInsights Account, then select Create Survey. Select Regular Survey, then Email as your preferred method.

Next you’ll need to create the survey itself. The first part is for the survey question, what you’re asking your client. The second section is where you’ll create possible answers or responses to your question.

You can have any number of possible one-click answers here. We recommend limiting your answers to no more than 5 in a traditional survey format for the best engagement, though you can add more if the situation requires it. You can also decide if you want your users to be able to leave freeform comments, and if we should send a follow up email once the survey’s been filled out.

Next you’ll decide how you want to handle multiple responses to a single email. You may want to limit this based on the email address of the user submitting the feedback, or based on the IP address of the individual filling out the survey. We recommend limiting by IP if you’re unsure of what to do.

That’s it! It’s time to get your survey in front of people. Remember to click Create Survey– we don’t want to lose all your hard work!

Now that your survey is live, it’s time to start gathering feedback. Click on Share Survey to get to this last step.

Here’s where you’ll pick your email sending platform from the list of available integrations. This helps us automate your feedback engine by automatically capturing the email address of your respondents.

Don’t see your provider in the list? Not to worry! Drop us a line and let us know who you’re using, and we’ll get to work on building an integration. For now. select General Email and you’ll still be able to send the survey out, it will just require your users to enter their email address manually when completing the survey.

With your provider selected, YesInsights will generate your Email Survey snippet. Simply copy and paste either the snippet or the HTML code into your provider’s email editor, and start surveying!

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