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Regular Survey by Web App [Widget] - Tutorial
Regular Survey by Web App [Widget] - Tutorial
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The first step is to create your survey. Don’t worry, this part is easy! First, log into your YesInsights Account, then select Create Survey. Select Regular survey, then Web as your preferred method.

Next you can specify your survey question and preview the design and layout of your survey. You’ll be able to add any number of possible answers to your question using the menu below. You can also decide if you want to ask your users for their email or comments after they give you a rating.

Now you can customize when and where the survey widget should appear. This lets you hyper-target each survey to specific pages without having to embed new JavaScript code each time. You can also decide when the survey should load.

Finally, you’ll need to set a default display behavior for the survey and decide if you want to receive a notification when feedback is received. If you’re unsure on what to select, we recommend the default option of having the survey display until the user responds or dismisses the survey.

That’s it! It’s time to get your survey in front of people. Remember to click Create Survey– we don’t want to lose all your hard work! You should see a success page with the finished product.

Now that your survey is live, it’s time to start gathering feedback. Click on the JavaScript inactive button on the top of your account page to get to this last step. Alternatively, if you’ve already embedded the JavaScript code and it now shows “JavaScript active”, you’re all set!

You’ll need to insert the JavaScript code into your website or application somewhere before the closing </body> tag in the HTML code.

That’s it! Your survey is now ready to go live.

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